Twitter marketing is a swampy place. Whilst it’s a great marketing tool and a fantastic way to interact with other ladies in the industry and a way for gents to get to know us, it can also be a bit of a toxic and depressing place to be sometimes. Some posts about dates and dinners and gifts tend to throw up jealousies and rivalries and give a false impression of who someone is, and what their life is like. The fact is though that It’s a platform for us to market our services on and best of all it’s free! At a time when the advertising sites are demanding more money from us and ID documents that potentially put us at risk from Law Enforcement and border security, Twitter remains the best and most available to everyone tool out here in cyberspace to show off your wares to the world.

Twitter marketing 101

My follower count has gone over 30,000, which in the world of the independent, high class London escort  makes me a celebrity. The truth is that the bulk of my followers were garnered from four years of touring and travelling across the US. In a land where fakery and falseness and image rule, gents there clearly found my natural, somewhat down to earth literary charms, refreshing. My following grew out of my obvious love for the country and it’s inhabitants and my travel orientated photos got as much recognition as photos of my boobs and bum.

Twitter marketing for the London escortThe same ‘realness’ in advertising doesn’t necessarily have the same effect on English or Australian men. In countries where down to earth is the norm, and a rude sense of humour is genetically encoded in everyones DNA, I don’t have the same appeal. Even here in London the majority of my bookings come not from local inhabitants but from visiting US businessmen. I can’t complain because honestly they’re the greatest gentlemen, but it’s interesting to me how one way of ‘marketing’ (just being totally myself) works for guys in one country but not so much on guys from the country in which I was born! 😊

I am aware that mature escorts are not what all gents are seeking though. The bulk of bookings no doubt go to ladies in the 25-35 age range with good reason. Men with means will always desire youth and beauty. It’s a biological drive and completely understandable. Luckily for me there are still plenty of gents, usually in the 45-65 age range who value life experience, sensuality, maturity and knowledge as well as looks in their choice of independent high class escort. Especially in a cosmopolitan and educated city like  London. So while this is now my final year as a luxury companion I’ll make the best of my twitter marketing and hopefully help some other ladies refine theirs!

Whatever you think of twitter marketing for escorts I think it’s pretty much here to stay. Occasionally they clamp down on us when we get too vocal or show too much skin, but if we keep things fairly vanilla I think we’ll survive. I for one intend to keep my posting free of nipples and overt political statements and free of moaning about client behaviour, something I think works against all of us in the long run. On a platform that’s meant to garner you bookings and business it makes no sense to alienate sections of your target market by complaining about certain among their number.

In general all of my client enquiries from Twitter marketing have been totally amazing and interesting gents from whom I’ve learned a great deal.