This week I’ve been in Edinburgh

As a Mature London Escort I’ve been extremely lucky over the years to be taken to, and flown out to some amazing destinations. Some I’ve travelled to independent of being a high class escort of course, and some I saved for and paid for myself, and travelled with friends and family. Those are topics for entire other blog entries if you’re interested in RV trips, backpacking and other wild tales!

Many of my most memorable trips have been as guests of clients in my role as a high class independent London escort. When I was younger travel didn’t play a big part of my escort life other than touring around the exotic cities of Australia where I started, but as a mature London escort I’ve been invited to some wonderful places in the last couple of years. I remember when I reached the ripe old age of 30 that I figured I was totally over the hill and unlikely to ever get bookings again.

I decided to push forward with my career in Psychology which is an arena where maturity is prized, and I took a government job working with maximum security prisoners. The work is satisfying in its way and the salary in Australia was pretty good, but it’s challenging and mentally taxing and as a single mum of a young daughter I felt it kept me away from home too much and drained me of energy I needed for her and my home life.

Since then I’ve found it most beneficial financially, time-wise and mentally to embrace all areas of my life and find balance between the sexual, financial, family and freedom loving side of my life coupled with the need for intellectual stimulation. I get that from counselling, mentoring other ladies and doing business deals behind the scenes while I have fun and pay the bills by being a secret mature independent London escort.

This recent trip to Edinburgh (Jan 2020) originated when a long time twitter follower, discovered that I’d never tasted whisky which the Scots call the ‘water of life’. I honestly view the many beautifully decorated bottles of spirits lining the back of a bar as interior design rather than drinks to be tried. 

I’ve got kind of lazy over the years with alcohol choices and stick to tried and tested red wines like Cabernet Sauvignon in the US and Shiraz in Australia, whites like Pinot Gris and Sauvignon blanc from New Zealand and of course Champagne from France. They’re my ‘go to’ drinks and I like them all but I tend to only drink with meals so I don’t try many cocktails or spirits. 

A trip to Edinburgh was a great excuse for someone to help me educate my palate in the joys of whisky. A gentleman flew me up and booked me a wonderful apartment just down the Royal Mile from Edinburgh Castle, with a view from the lounge of the Castle itself. 

Edinburgh Castle mature London escort

We did a Platinum whisky experience

A whisky lover’s dream: an early evening tour, plus a guided nosing and tasting of four contrasting single malt whiskies and a blended whisky, followed by an extended viewing of The World’s Largest Collection of Scotch Whisky. The tour taught about the production of Scotch whisky, an introduction to the aromas in whisky with guided nosing and tasting of four contrasting single malt whiskies and one blended whisky and my own boxed crystal whisky tasting glass. It was great fun. 

The next day I was free to explore so I went back to the castle. for a proper look around and climbed to the top of Arthur’s Seat to see the view out over the city. Despite the gale and the fact it was more of a rock climb than a walk, you can see so much up there. I did some shopping for tartan things on the Royal Mile and took snaps of Hollyrood Palace.

Arthur’s Seat mature London escort

Last summer a wonderful American couple were looking for some fun company to join them on part of their European holiday. I was living in France at the time and just visiting London to see clients as and when I got bookings so I agreed to drive across to Italy and meet them for dinner and an evening of fun in wonderful Florence. 

When a couple are secure in their relationship it can be a real boost to both enjoy together the company of an experienced and fun mature independent escort and this couple were enormous fun. The Italian food is never going to help anyone on a diet that’s for sure, and I got to see a new city and find a wonderful hand made leather handbag! 

Travel with a mature London Escort 1
Cora in Florence

One of a favourite fly me to you trips last year was a three day trip to Essaouira in Morocco. I’d visited there to surf once before many years ago but it was nicer to be invited back as a mature escort and be shown the town by a French resident. We visited a hammam and had an amazing scrub and massage experience. I bought some argan oil for my hair in the souk and we had a rooftop lunch overlooking the harbour area. 

I have some sleeping issues so I often find extended bookings longer than one night are too much for me to deal with, but this lovely chap had a guest house attached to his main house and that became my home for three nights. He cooked and we floated in the pool and it was a really lovely relaxing experience. 

Travel with a mature London Escort 2
mature London escort in Essaouira

One of my least and most favourite trips as a mature London escort, came close together towards the end of last year. I was invited to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia for a two day get together and as it’s a twelve hour flight from London I decided to break the journey by doing a short tour in Dubai.

I’m afraid that Dubai and I didn’t like each other very much. It’s brash and hot and dusty and fake, and the gents I met weren’t the sort of gents I’d ordinary be excited to meet. I can’t say I’m a in a rush to ever go back honestly. If you like the thought of adult Disney in the desert then you might like it better.

I did however like Kuala Lumpur very much. It has a laid back tropical vibe and I felt safe and warm and surrounded in green and history with much more friendly and welcoming people. That’s a place I’d definitely return to and I’d like to venture further afield to see Panang and look for some surf next time. The food is great and the culture is interesting. The gentleman I saw was very keen to make sure I had a wonderful experience and took me to the awesome Batu Caves, and up the Petronus Towers on our weekend.

Mature London escort Malaysia

Is there a market for mature London Escorts?

Although it would seem to the outside world that there’s perhaps no room in this industry for women over forty, many of the most successful women I’ve met recently in London have been mature. Gents in their 50’s and 60’s don’t necessarily want a sex toy, and would be uncomfortable dating a young woman. Someone well kept who is a little older and with mature sensuality also has conversation skills and life experience that someone of 25 just doesn’t have. 

Neither is anyone in a restaurant or hotel likely to be staring at you in a couple wondering if you’re his daughter! I’ve been blessed with fortunate genes that mean I am still attractive, and I work out regularly to keep in shape. I’ve had no major work done, just a little Botox on my laughter lines, and I pride myself on keeping as natural as nature intended for as long as possible. 

The niche market of mature independent London escorts is by no means as saturated as the 20-30 year old bracket and as long as I continue to get offered quality dates, with well mannered and delightful gents, I’ll continue to work in this industry even though it’s my intention to downscale my availability by the end of this year in order to move back to France and set up in long term business there. 

Travel is so easy and cheap these days you should really consider booking a short Euro break with an independent escort whose company you’ll enjoy. It’s easy to get a good idea of someones intelligence and personality by following them on twitter first and maybe organising a fun dinner date first to get to know them, although honestly if you choose someone who is a mature London escort and well travelled you’re pretty much guaranteed a fun time.

Cora Livingston – your independent mature London escort

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