My rates are adjusted to encourage longer encounters, with sufficient time to get properly acquainted.

London and UK Rates

90 Minutes (minimum)
2 hours
3 hour brunch/lunch date
1 hr social time approx
4 hour dinner date
90 minute social time approx
Off the clock overnight
approx 14 hrs with dinner and 6 hrs sleep time
Decadent day
24 hrs of fun
Wicked weekend
2 nights/1 day or
1 night and 2 days

Date Booking Etiquette

All dates require a 25% deposit to secure our time. A great deal of thought, preparation and arrangement goes into my dates as I’m very select about who I choose to spend time with.

Cancellations will incur loss of deposit if made within one week of the date, and if made within 48 hours of the date 50% of the fee will become due.

It’s reciprocal n’est pas? You treat me well and I will do the same.

My limited time gets taken very quickly so please send your contact form with as much notice as possible for the date you’d like.

Travel Dates

Travel is like oxygen for me. Countryside breaks by the fire, sparkling sea view get-aways, and gastronomic city spa weekends.

Whisk me away somewhere and it will be my mission to make your business or leisure trip the most exciting and memorable it can be.

My rates are designed to encourage longer travel encounters so don’t let a business or bucket list trip be dull again. Reach out! I organise my own travel to and from the destination.



One day£2600
Two days£3800
Three days£5000
One week£9000
Each additional day£1200

Travel Booking Etiquette

* Travel bookings require a 25% deposit to confirm our date. This can be done via UK bank transfer or Paypal.

* I prefer to make my own travel arrangements, so I can be flexible. These expenses will need to be provided via bank transfer or PayPal with the date deposit.