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All sorts of Twitter high class escort fun this week…I tend to forget sometimes that the main purpose of my luxury London escort Cora twitter account is to market myself as a high class independent London escort – all Michelin Star dinners, designer clothes, glamorous travel and the illusion and fantasy of a wonderful life.

I tend to post from the hip, in the moment and spontaneously and sometimes it throws up the sort of responses that in my life as a clinical Psychologist I love to analyse.

This week among the dates at the Shangri-La at the Shard in London, and Browns Hotel’s lovely new Kristjana Williams designed bistro Charlie’s, I dropped a tweet about coming across a guy begging on the Millenium Bridge.

He was sitting behind a handwritten sign that asked for money for food as he was so hungry. I was thinking about reaching into my purse then I noticed he was on the phone. Not just any old phone but a new iPhone 11. £1000 worth of smartphone.

My tweet asked if it was judgemental to then not feel like donating him money, and I already knew the answer of course. Yes it’s judgmental but I’m human and we’re ALL judgemental in our way.

I watched as the comments rolled in but what interested me was how many ladies who clearly don’t much like me already (based not on meeting me but purely my twitter persona) jumped on this as a way to say my behaviour was ‘horrifying’ and ‘ignorant’ and any other number of things.

By the end of the thread it turned into Chinese whispers with one lady saying she used to share ‘many of my persepctives’ – I found that interesting given that the only perspective I’d shared was the original post about not giving the guy any money.

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Twitter is fascinating. Through a 140 letter post people you’ve never met, who only know your work persona and a few tweets, feel like they know you personally and that your momentary flash of anger that someone who is supposedly desperate to eat can be starving but chatting on a £1000 phone, makes you a totally unfeeling monster.

Not a single person bothered to ask in the comments what my general views are on homelessness or begging, what I’ve ever done to help, what I think the priorities are in this case etc.

The fact that I donated hours of unpaid time to working in a homeless shelter in Sydney, sing in a choir to raise money for charity and regularly give help to ladies of twitter for touring and marketing mean nothing, and the fact I was close to homelessness myself when I was 17 and left home and had to pawn everything I owned to pay one more weeks rent obviously give me no insight.

All I know is that in that moment, on that bridge, I remembered that when I pawned my grandmas ring many years ago to eat, I sure as hell wasn’t doing it with an expensive smart phone in my hand. 🤷‍♀️

Of course twitter is no place for social commentary or soul baring, and SW Twitter is definitely no place for showing too much of who you really are. Not when your very job is the projection of a fantasy – a fantasy woman living an extraordinary fantasy life.

That’s what gents want when they book time with a high end escort after all isn’t it? A luxury London escort can’t be ‘real’ can she?

I’ve been back through my feed and deleted that post and the thread because going forward into 2020 it’s become clear to me that in order to make Twitter work properly for me I have to play the game.

If you’d like to meet the real me of course feel free to fill in my contact form here 😉

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