London escort date in Winter

It’s been many years since I’ve had a London escort date in Winter, and I’d forgotten the long nights and short days, but most of all the grey and gloomy skies! I think it’s served to remind me that while there are some compensations to life here, life in Britain is not for me in the long term.

What are these compensations I hear you ask? I guess Christmas is one of them. I kind of embrace the build up that comes from life in England. The release of Christmas adverts, the songs being played on the radio, the Christmas movies on TV on dark, wet afternoons and the beautiful decorations in shops and streets. 

Maybe the gloom and short days make the British more keen to celebrate at any chance they get? In Australia where I lived for a long time the length of the days doesn’t really change drastically from summer and winter. As an escort this means that dinner dates in summer tend to be eaten outside in the balmy air but even in winter it might be light in the evening when you’re eating – even if it’s nots very warm!

 I do love London pubs and restaurants who serve seasonal food and mulled wine and everyone is in a jolly spirit in the month leading up to Christmas though! One of the lovely things about being a high class independent London escort is being taken to new restaurants and events where the sparkling is laid on thick during the Christmas period. The one thing missing which would make it perfect though, is snow!

One year I will make a point of booking a cottage somewhere in the world where there is guaranteed snow and an open fireplace. Imagine a London escort date in a cosy mews cottage right in the centre of the city? All the excitement of having entertainment available right outside the front door, but with the thrill of having a quiet, cosy retreat to come back to for after dinner fun! 

Find us a cottage here!

Until then I’ll embrace being in London this year and wish you all an amazing holiday period and New Year.

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