I’ve been asked by a number of people, clients and ladies, why I moved over from France to the UK when I’d bought my dream house there and seemed to be settling nicely.

There are a number of reasons really. When I bought the French place I’d made some money touring through the USA. It was enough to buy the house, renovate it and have some backup savings but my plan was to ease off touring and escort bookings, and just visit the US a couple of times a year to tour while investigating business options in France.

Alas, that plan was completely ruined when I was refused entry into the US in February this year. Unusually for me, I had no plan B, and more unusually I didn’t bounce back from my disappointment as quickly as I generally bounce back from setbacks. I still haven’t recovered in all honesty.

Rather than investigating businesses then and embracing my French life, it began to feel like a noose and I slipped into a bit of a malaise.  Most of my booking enquiries were coming from London, and getting from rural France with sometimes limited notice started to get trying, so I made the decision to close up the French dream for a while and become a full-time London escort.

I’m enjoying my time exploring the London scene and meeting local ladies and I’ll see how things go here.

Watch this space though! I’m not good at being settled for too long and I’m already planning a trip back to France to look at a hotel for sale 😉