Behind the Scarlet Curtain – what distinguishes a high class escort? 

There are so many myths and mysteries surrounding the world of a high class escort. Some have been tackled in film and TV but most are unrealistic (is a lawyers job really accurately portrayed in the show Suits, or the detective in Law and Order?) 

It’s impossible to dispel them all, and indeed for the most part it would be churlish to ruin the air of mystery and fantasy that surrounds those who do this type of work. I’m not an expert on camming or stripping given that I have no coordination to speak of, but I have worked on and off as an escort for many years. I’ve done it before, during and in conjunction with civilian work as a Psychologist and although I had to study and train for many years to do that as a career, it’s been the life of an independent escort that’s taught me the most and helped me grow the most as a person.

First there’s an idea that all it takes to make a living successfully as an escort is to throw up an advert, buy a lingerie set and wait for the calls to flood in. That used to be fairly accurate but that was 20 years ago. Times have changed and the advent of the internet has made it both easier and more difficult to get decent bookings.

The ease of getting exposure online means that more girls enter the industry every day and everyone has to adapt to the increased competition to thrive. Twitter shows new ladies a level of lifestyle they aspire to, but often it’s taken years of grinding away at this as a full time business to attain that level, not just an advert and an Agent Provocateur set.

In order to gain traction and thrive in this industry you need intelligence and street smarts. You need tech skills, marketing knowledge, a level of ruthlessness, the ability to write good copy, arrange and execute photo shoots, style yourself and find your brand niche, look after your body, constantly improve your mind, budget and save. The list is lengthy and takes time to become proficient at. It’s truly running your own business with all that entails. 

No matter how good you look extended bookings are unlikely to drop in your lap without there being a convincing online presence that gents can look over. No one wants to spend hours with a woman who has no conversation skills, current affairs knowledge, hobbies or interests and these can’t be faked.

I’ve read dozens of providers websites over the years and it’s really easy to spot the ‘fakes’. Those who claim to have advanced degrees and clearly don’t, those who claim their interests as opera and antiques to make themselves sound ‘high class’ but who probably know little about either. 

It’s much more difficult to spot the authentic and the genuine and the only real way these days is to peruse the twitter feed of someone to see where they go, who they mix with, how they ‘speak’ online in the everyday.

This is harder to fake. I truly wish more ladies would stop looking at the Instagram life they see online and want to get immediately and spend more time working on themselves to build a profile of the rounded people they truly are. By doing this they’ll attract (and keep) the kind of clientele that will sustain their business long term and be so much less stressful. 

There’s someone for everyone out there and the most successful women in the industry play to their strengths and develop themselves constantly and in turn the bookings come in. Not everyone will make money marketing themselves as a high class escort.

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