some of the best moments

are the ones you can’t tell anyone about…

Cora – your independent, high class, London escort …

Congratulations for reaching this point. I’m aware that there are dozens of beautiful, accomplished women out there for you to choose to spend your valuable time with, so I’m honoured.

You may have been initially attracted by my sensuality, and classic British beauty. The golden blonde cascading waves, bright blue eyes and a petite 5’3” hourglass figure of lightly tanned curve appeal.

Chemistry is you touching my mind

and it setting my body on fire..

On closer inspection you may discover an attraction to my love of the nomadic lifestyle – a curiosity for places, food and cultures both mundane and wildly exotic.

You may be a man who is sapiosexual and values wit, humour and conversations ranging from the wonders of Eighteenth Century architecture, philosophy and history to modern politics and even the joy of watching good stand up comedy or HBO drama.

As an independent woman of some confidence and aplomb, I have developed interests that cross continents. I am Masters degree educated and schooled in the classics and I love theatre, writing, reading and movies.

It’s hard to resist a bad boy

who is a good man…

Fine dining and enjoying select vintage wines fills my senses, surfing and running fuel my body and travel broadens my mind with all life experiences.

I have other strings to my bow that excite me and might excite you. A love of trading risky financial instruments, and a history of house renovation in three countries. Interior design for bars and homes and horse riding are just a few. Though this may all sound very serious I assure you that my main gift is the ability to make anyone feel utterly at ease in my company, lighten their mood, make them laugh and forget their cares. Foremost I am kind, empathetic and warm.

Mostly though I’m keen to discover who YOU are? What are your pleasures? Your passions? 

Come with me and let’s escape for a while and discover how life can be a magical carpet ride for two.