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Cora Livingston

So many of these introduction biographies on websites sound similar don’t they? There are many beautiful, accomplished women out there to choose to spend your valuable time with, and each of us is unique!

I’ve been described as a classic British beauty. Strawberry blonde cascading waves, bright blue eyes, a petite 5’3” hourglass figure, which I try to maintain but  tend to lapse into the 80:20 rule because life is for living after all. Meat free days I can deal with but sugar is my weakness.

 To keep things under control I hit the gym regularly, surf where and when I can, and hike out in nature. If you’re a statistics man I’m 32DD, 25, 34. Curves where it counts. I’m charismatic and charming – somewhat goofy, occasionally quirky, a free spirited lover of laughing and change having lived a rich and full life – unconventional  but certainly varied and exciting. I’ve had a nomadic lifestyle as I have a natural curiosity for all places, food and cultures however ordinary seeming or wildly exotic.

 I was born in southern England. I won a scholarship to an all girls school and unlike most non conformists I totally loved the strict environment and soaked up the academic life.  I escaped to live in Australia for many years, backpacking around the country – working once as a jillaroo (cowboy) on a cattle station, though I lied through my teeth about my riding proficiency to get the job. I became a Psychologist and subsequently worked for the criminal justice system.


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Cora Livingston In Chelsea
Cora Livingston in Black Sweater

I’ve renovated around a dozen houses over the years and now own a house in France.  I also dabble, sometimes successfully though more often for kicks, in the heady world of risky financial instrument trading. I’d  describe myself as an independent minded experimenter if that’s even a word!

I spent four years touring  through forty five US states and managed to hike Yellowstone National Park, ski in Tahoe, dive a wreck off San Francisco, and fish for tuna off the Florida Coast amongst other things. I’m now based in London because it has dining, theatre, shows and events enough to keep someone entertained every night for a year.

To truly get real chemistry I like bookings that feel like a proper date. This requires lunch, or dinner at the bare minimum. Fine dining and enjoying vintage wine is wonderful, but I’m just as happy in a cosy pub tucking into stew washed down with a sturdy Shiraz.

I like a man who wants to be with a lady out in public but a fun loving vixen in the bedroom.

I’m pretty well known as a woman with a style that’s uniquely my own and the confidence to go against trends and peer pressure.  I can be elegant but also reassuringly real. Above all my main gift is the ability to make anyone feel utterly at ease in my company, lighten their mood, make them laugh and forget their cares. Foremost I am kind, empathetic and warm.

Things I love

I love perfume (rose based), lilies, sun rises, the beach, blue sky, brown sauce on chips, roast chicken, dogs not cats, 80’s pop and 90’s rave, independent and foreign movies, Dickens, Shakespeare, sea water, tropical fish, Ted Baker dresses, Chanel accessories, Jimmy Choo shoes, licorice, sherbet, family, Scandinavian furniture jazzed up with primary coloured accessories, velvet, Xmas decorations, cozy English country pubs, books, libraries, good coffee, English Breakfast tea, Australian Shiraz, green fields, strawberries, Southern American accents, anything American except Disney, affection, meaningful gifts…..


Cora Livingston

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